When I was 12, my mother was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. A year ago I was aware that photography helped me deal with it.  Just when I entered college four years ago, I had to choose a first subject to produce a photo essay for 3 months. My mother suggested that I photograph naked women who were satisfied with their bodies, even if they were not "model bodies." My first reaction was, "But who's going to want being photographed?" And my mother replied, "I top. I'll be your first model". From that, we got friends, cousins and aunts who came to be part of the project. That was the moment I started photographing the women of my family. The project was moving forward and until last year I took as a family photography project. But due to some events, such as my mother's hospitalizations and the beginning of my therapy, I went deep into my relationship with my mother and Fatima became the project of my life.